Developing bespoke applications and virtual experiences ready for launch to the world.


The Unity engine, Adobe CC and Autodesk Maya are our tools of the trade. Filling the gap between games, entertainment and advertising. Integrating software and design methodologies in a efficent and effective pipeline following a SCRUM culture, with 1 week long sprints. CJG Studio creates and develops your interative idea. Traveling nationwide to clients who want to discuss their vision, using years of software development and design experience with FTSE 100 companies to small buisness owners, helping them create products that leaves an impact on their users.


Unity 3D

Transform your project into an VR/AR experience. We have all the headset developer kits from Oculus and HTC Vive.

Web Design

From design to deployment, develop mockups of your website rapidly in tools such as Photoshop to ensure your vision is executed.

3D Asset Design

Creating low poly assets that can be added to your Unity project for mobile or VR. Animating the assets to bring life to your idea.








Our in house pipeline has been optimized and refined over the years to allow us to start developing in short notice. Codebases and trello boards are shared with clients for realtime updates on development.


Unity 3D AR / VR

With a paper on "Ensuring Graphical Fidelity is Consistent in VR" integrating the most efficent and optimized technologies into your VR project is at the forefront our our design principles, allowing for future proofing your product and getting access to new markets as the industry grows. With developer names next to over 18 successful games on digital stores, we can assist with deploying to market fast.

  • Fast development using in house tools
  • Steam VR or proprietary VR SDK
  • Innovative UI for VR, AR and mobile
  • HTC Vive, Oculus and Windows
  • 3D Asset design using Maya

User Interface

We use Adobe CC and contain buisness licenses for all software allowing us to start desiging and integrating into a system.


Mobile, Desktop, VR, AR I am proud to say that CJG Studio has an array of software on top digital stores.


From our pipeline to code, the way we work is efficent. Having access to our own hardware and software allows us to start development within minutes of getting your requirements.

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